Parent-Student-Teacher (PST) Conference Bookings

Students/Caregivers have the ability to book, view, update, print or cancel their PST Conference bookings.


How to book your appointments:

  1. Navigate to "My Conferences" in the left hand menu.
  2. Click on the "Book Time" button.
  3. Select the times you would like to book with each teacher on your preferred day(s).
  4. Navigate back to "My Conferences" to view your bookings (from here you can choose to Cancel, Print, or Save your booking times to your Calendar).


  • You can edit your time by clicking on the "Update" button and reselecting your preferred time.
  • We recommend that you leave 5mins between each of your bookings.
  • Careers Advisors are available for bookings for students in years 11-13, and the Director of International is available for Foreign Fee Paying students.
  • If a staff member that you would like to meet with is unavailable, please email them with any questions/queries using the format [email protected]

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